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Ron Gabel

Ron Gabel

Partner, Private Wealth Manager


Acting in a fiduciary capacity and valued member in the financial services industry over the past 30 years, Ron understands the power of a financial plan. He knows that most people—no matter how much wealth they have—worry about their money, and typically it’s because they don’t understand exactly what they have or how far it will take them. Ron reviews each client’s situation carefully, analyzing the details so he can create a clear picture of where they stand and help them identify the appropriate path forward. His mission is to help people better understand their wealth so they can enjoy what they’ve worked for without fear or doubt. He does this by educating them about each aspect of their financial world and helping them see how it all comes together to support their goals.

Ron is a member of NAIFA and a 12 year Top of the Table member of the *Million Dollar Round Table. 

*To qualify for membership, members must meet specific production/sales requirements, belong to at least one recognized financial or insurance organization, and agree to abide by MDRT's code of ethics. The membership is not representative of client experience and is not indicative of future performance or success.


Areas of Focus

Ron specializes in strategic retirement planning, and one of his favorite parts of his job is seeing the joy on people’s faces when they realize they can retire comfortably. Through simple education and hands-on guidance, he helps remove the anxiety associated with money so people can enjoy their wealth. He leverages a comprehensive approach, addressing areas such as tax liability, income distribution, and building a strong legacy. Throughout the process, he works diligently to keep his clients on track, following up proactively and taking items off their plates so they can focus on what matters to them. 

Helping others achieve their potential is incredibly important to Ron, and in addition to his work with clients, he spends time mentoring junior advisors in the practice. Teamwork is a key part of Ron’s approach, and he typically engages multiple advisors to collaborate on his clients’ cases. As he says, “Why limit yourself to the ideas and experience of one professional when you can leverage the strengths of many?”


Background & Experience  

Ron started his financial services career at a national insurance company in 1996, where he became one of the top 25 agents in the country. He later transitioned to management and took over a local agency in Wichita, helping what was then a relatively small office grow into one of the top 25 practices in the company. When he met John Toothaker in 2003, he helped him grow his practice, becoming a trusted mentor before officially joining the financial firm in 2010. Since then, the practice has continued to grow, and Ron enjoys helping mentor NoxNumis advisors, guiding the team with John, and advising his clients as they pursue and achieve their goals.



Ron grew up in McPherson, Kansas, and currently lives in Edmond, Oklahoma. He has three children, Brittany who lives and works in Kansas City, Avery who followed in his footsteps and is an advisor at NoxNumis, and his youngest son Ayden who is a ball of fun energy who helps keep Ron young.  In his free time, he enjoys golfing with his brother and his friends or attending University of Kansas basketball games and showing unwavering support for his Dallas Cowboys.