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With your eye towards retirement, and as a forward-thinking high-income earner, you know that a calculated execution on your wealth management plan now will serve you well.

You’ve clearly navigated adding significant value to your organization throughout the years. Those results have put you in the position of being able to deploy various types of unconventional strategies not typically available to the everyday investor.

Oftentimes, we see hard-working business executives miss opportunities to make use of advanced financial strategies such as executive bonus arrangements, non-qualified deferred compensation plans, split dollar arrangements, or leveraged insurance solutions. These types of niche strategies can provide tax benefits for you and your company both now and in retirement later.

Our Approach

The NoxNumis Approach

At NoxNumis, we identify advanced strategies to help executives accumulate tax-advantaged wealth which provides added confidence making your retirement more secure, all in order to retain the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to enjoy.

Our Approach

Clearly see the difference.

While the advanced strategies available to executives can be complicated, our goal is simple—to help you clearly see how those complex methods can enhance your customized plan for the future.