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After spending your lifetime building your business and your net worth, the last thing you want to do is spend your retirement paying more taxes than necessary.

Worse yet is the prospect of potentially leaving more than you’d like to the IRS, rather than the people or charitable causes you love. As an investor, we understand you likely already have a team of tax and legal advisors. Unfortunately, oftentimes tax efficient investments and other solutions are not fully utilized. Tax focused investment solutions can specifically work to minimize the various taxes owed while you are living. Other wealth transfer solutions can minimize the impact of the various taxes those your love most could be stuck with.

Our Approach

The NoxNumis Approach

At NoxNumis, we know that you need a trusted financial partner to make sure that your wealth management strategy stays on target. As necessary, we extend our coordinated, team-based effort to include your other tax, legal or financial professionals so that your plan is integrated and truly comprehensive.

Our Approach

Clearly see the difference.

The financial tools you used to build your portfolio and accumulate wealth are not always the optimal ones for maintaining it in retirement, and transferring it to the next generation. Our goal is simple—we want to help you clearly see how your complex resources can be used sagaciously, in order to impact future generations.