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Our Name

The Genesis of NoxNumis

From ancient myth, Athena earned quite a reputation as goddess of wisdom. Yet she also had a secret.

In the form of a little owl (aka athene noctua) who sat on her shoulder to help her discern the past, the present, and the future. With a 360 degree view, it served as her guide helping her leverage her past to discern the best direction for her future. The owl was so revered, its image was embedded into Greek currency for centuries. Like that owl perched on Athena's shoulder, the NoxNumis team works to be your wise advocate. Gaining a clear view of your past, we work alongside you to provide a clear vision as a guide through your financial journey. Clients find it reassuring knowing that should tough personal times or difficult markets arise, we’ll be there to see them through those dark times.

Our History

A New Beginning

NoxNumis started as a new venture in August 2021, transitioning from their former home at Schreck Financial Group.

Under the leadership of John Toothaker and Ron Gabel, our team moved to their nest to a new location. This change brings fresh opportunities not only for business growth but, more importantly, it enhances our ability to level up the service we deliver to clients in the pursuit of their financial dreams.

NoxNumis Team

We bring experience to your table.

Our advisors and back-office support staff serve you holistically in the pursuit of your financial goals and objectives.

Begin your NoxNumis journey today.

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