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Gregg Poindexter

Gregg Poindexter

Operations Manager

As operations manager, Gregg ensures the back-office team works diligently to provide ample support to the financial advisors of NoxNumis. He oversees all back-office operations, from preparing the paperwork for a client’s financial review to managing service work items on behalf of advisors and their clients.

Since joining the industry in 1999, Gregg has always strived to be supportive of his team members and foster a positive work environment. He’s a big proponent of the saying, “work smarter, not harder,” and enjoys helping other team members find new ways to improve processes and make their jobs more efficient.

Gregg and his husband live in Wichita, Kansas, where they enjoy working together to make their yard look beautiful all year round. In the winter, Gregg enjoys snow skiing. In the summer, he enjoys settling down on a sandy beach with a good book (preferably something non-fiction or biographical).